Pinnacle High Peak 20×20 Tent

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$300/ Weekend

This frame style tent is the most versatile in our inventory.  The standard 20×20 layout has only 4 leg poles and has a 8′ side height for added visibility.  This tent can be setup on almost any surface and can be staked into the ground or weighted down.  If the tent is to be weighted down, we may ask for access to a hose to fill water barrels for weight.  Need more space?  We can connect multiple tents together to create a 20’x40′ space or more if needed.  Delivery/pickup charge for this tent depends on the address for where it is to be installed.


consider the following items to add comfort to your party.

Chair, White Folding

Chair, White Resin

8′ Banquet Table

Round Table 5′ Diameter


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