Concrete Saw, MX Fuel Battery Powered


$55 Half Day, $80 Full Day

Use this concrete saw for unmatched versatility.  Outside, inside, or in a trench, this concrete saw can be used in any environment.  The Milwaukee MX Fuel battery platform provides a ton of power with none of the hassle of a traditional gas engine.  Just pull the trigger and cut.  We provide one concrete cutting 14″ diamond blade with your rental fee.  This saw can also be used to cut metal if equipped with the correct blade.  Shop for a metal cutting blade here.  The saw has a reversible arbor adapter allowing it to accept blades with either a 20mm or 1″ arbor hole size.  Rent our Milwaukee Dust Extractor along with this saw to control dust like a pro and keep your jobsite neat and clean.  Also, if you have a concrete removal job inside a building, rent our Milwaukee MX Fuel jack hammer along with this saw.  They share the same MX Fuel battery platform and can be used in conjunction with each other to get the job done safely with zero emission fumes.



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